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Press Release

Investigator Billimon Completes Anti-Corruption Seminar in Singapore

Investigator William Billimon from the Compliance and Investigation Division recently returned to the Chuuk Field Office after successfully completing a two-week seminar held in Singapore . Billimon, who is the only Investigator posted at the Chuuk Field Office, represented the ONPA at a seminar on anti-corruption in Singapore .

Under the sponsorship of the Government of Singapore–Australia Trilateral Cooperation Program, the training seminar was designed to build the capacity to fight corruption across the Pacific Island Region. One of the anti-corruption methods highlighted was greater transparency in governmental operations. The two-week seminar started on the 25 th of September.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics focusing on better governance and anti-corruption techniques. Specifically, the topics covered were: ‘Principle of Government', ‘Structure of Government', ‘Approach to Corruption Control – Singapore Model', ‘Strategy and Policy Options: Approach to Strategy Formulation', ‘Factors for Consideration', ‘Organizing for Operational Effectiveness, ‘Investigation and Enforcement', ‘Institutional Arrangements', ‘Investigation of Specific Offences', ‘Investigation: Role Play' and ‘Prevention and Advocacy'.

The seminar was presented by experts from the Australia National University , the Singapore Civil Service College and other local anti-corruption institutions. According to Mr. Billimon, some experts presented case studies modeled after Singapore 's real experience in better governance, greater transparency and stemming corruption. As such, it provided real world examples and highlighted the skills and knowledge used in approaching the ongoing corruption-related issues. The training was a success, noted Mr. Billimon.

NPA expresses its appreciation to the Singapore–Australia Trilateral Cooperation Program for funding William's attendance in such an excellent training seminar.


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