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Press Release

MacKenzie Reynold Recently Hired as the New Administrative Officer

Mr. MacKenzie Reynold was recently hired as the new Administrative Officer, a position which became vacant after Christina Elnei was promoted to become the Single Audit Specialist at the ONPA. As Administrative Officer, Reynold is a key player in supporting the staff and in facilitating an efficient office environment for the auditors and investigators at the Main Office and Chuuk Field Office. He officially joined the ONPA on September 10, 2007. The staff welcome Mr. Reynold to his new 'chair' in Palikir, Pohnpei.      

 Reynold is originally from Losap Island , which is located in the Upper Mortlocks of Chuuk State . He graduated from the United States International University , now known as Alliance University , in San Diego with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration with a major in accounting.

Reynold was hired from the Chuuk Department of Administrative Services where he served as Assistant Chief of Finance for over four years. He began his career at the Department in 1997 with responsibilities that included, among others, the supervision of the accounts payable section.  Subsequently, he was assigned additional duties to include supervising over 20 accountants within the Fund Certification, Payroll and Travel Sections. Reynold credits his seventeen years of government services as the cornerstone for his career advancement, which is now reaching a mid-management level position at the National Government.

Reynold reports to the National Public Auditor and he is a key staff in managing and implementing critical activities relating to staff support services, human resource management, fiscal and budgetary matters, and many more.

Reynold finds his new job challenging and exciting. Additionally, he sees the real opportunity to contribute meaningfully toward maintaining a strong team which aims at delivering independent, quality audit and investigative services for the public's benefit.


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