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Palikir, Pohnpei – President Mori and Speaker Figir were recently informed that the Office of the National Public Auditor (ONPA) passed its Peer Reviewconducted by the Association of Pacific Island Public Auditors (APIPA). The reviewer found the ONPA to be in “full compliance” with the Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

The Peer Review is an external quality control review conducted every three years to determine whether an audit office is performing its audits and inspections in accordance with professional auditing standards. “Full Compliance” is the highest of three possible ratings. The ONPA had also received a Full Compliance rating in 2006, during its last peer review.

Public Auditor Haser Hainrick attributed the accomplishment to the team effort and hardworking spirit of his staff. Sophia Pretrick, Chief Investigator of the Compliance Investigation Division, commented that although passing the peer review is an achievement within the audit division, it reflects on the reputation, staff dedication and competency of the entire office.

Work performed from October 01, 2005 to September 30, 2008 was included in the review. During the three year period, the office issued a total of 19 reports: four (4) performance audits, two (2) financial audits, one (1) attestation engagement and twelve (12) inspections.

The review team was comprised of Mr. Charles Hester, APIPA Technical Advisor; Ms. Atmita Jonathan, Acting Auditor General of the Marshall Islands; and Ms. Rodalyn May Marquez, an Audit Supervisor in Guam’s Office of Public Accountability. Mr.Frank Cooper-Nurse, also of the Guam Office of Public Accountability, assisted the peer review team.

Mr. Hainrick expressed his appreciation to the members of the Peer Review team for their hard work and diligence in conducting the review on behalf of the APIPA. He also extended warm appreciation to the Guam Public Auditor, Doris Flores Brooks and her staff for the administrative support and to the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs for their continued financial support.












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